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Even with insurance, it is frighteningly easy to run up very large medical bills if someone in your family has a serious injury or illness.  While medical care providers used to be flexible about accepting monthly payments that their patients could afford, that is no longer the case.  Many people find themselves up against collection agencies, lawsuits and garnishments for medical bills that they could not avoid, yet cannot afford to pay as quickly as the medical office dictates.  Here are some ways TBC has helped clients put their medical debts behind them.  Their names have been changed, but their situations were absolutely real.

Medical and Business Debt:

Michael and Mindy lost their daughter after a seven-year battle with cancer.  They were left with tens of thousands of dollars in past-due medical bills.  In order to have the flexibility to stay at home with their terminally ill child, Michael and Mindy had started their own business, which unfortunately failed, leaving them with over $100,000 in additional debt.

TBC's Solution:

Since all of their debt was unsecured (there was no collateral involved), Michael and Mindy were able to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and eliminate all of it, allowing them to move on with their lives.

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 Loss of Work, Medical Bills, Foreclosure:

Fran had a medical condition that kept her off of work for an extended period of time.  As a result, she fell behind on her house payments.  When she was finally able to return to work, she was so far behind on those payments that she could not catch up, and the bank began to foreclose on the house.  In addition, she was burdened with about $20,000 in medical bills.

TBC's Solution:

Fran came in to see a TBC attorney just 11 days before her house was to be sold in foreclosure.  She retained TBC and brought in all of the necessary documents on the next day, and her Chapter 13 case was filed a few days later, stopping the foreclosure and wiping out her medical bills.  She paid $475 per month for 4 years, to bring her house payments current.  Her children agreed to help her with her ongoing monthly mortgage payment.

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Loss of Work, Medical Bills, Failed Chapter 13:

Shortly after filing a Chapter 13 through TBC, Trudy was hospitalized for emergency gall bladder surgery.  There were complications, requiring her hospital stay to be extended for a few weeks for additional treatments and surgeries.  Although she was released from the hospital, she was not released to return to work for an additional month.  Her Chapter 13 was dismissed, as she was unable to make the plan payments while she was off work, so she was once again liable for all of the loans and other bills she had listed in her bankruptcy.  Added to that were an extraordinary amount of medical bills, plus the household bills on which she had gotten behind during her illness.  Trudy was back to work, but how could she ever catch up with all of her bills?

TBC's Solution:

Trudy's TBC attorney determined that her income is too high for her to qualify for a Chapter 7, and the law required her to pay more to some of her creditors due to the fact that she was filing her second Chapter 13 in a year.  However, TBC was able to put her into a Chapter 13 plan that reduced the amount that she owed to some of her creditors, and paid the remainder in full over the course of 5 years, for just $1000 per month - a payment which Trudy could afford.

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Disability, Failed Business, Medical and Business Debt:

Anthony was a homebuilder in the st. Louis area who, at the peak of his career, developed entire subdivisions.  Due to serious health issues and the poor economy, Anthony found himself out of business and left with $86,000 in medical bills, credit card bills, and old tax debt.

TBC's Solution:

Anthony's TBC attorney determined that Anthony was essentially "judgment proof" - that is, his income could not be garnished by creditors, as he was disabled.  However, his creditors were still harassing him with phone calls and letters.  And Anthony had plans to use his construction management expertise to get a job and get back on his feet financially when the economy improved.  After consulting with his attorney, Anthony decided to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eliminate his debts.  This not only eliminated the harassing phone calls and letters, and the psychological burden of being legally obligated to repay an overwhelming amount of debt, but it also will allow him to actually get back on his feet if and when the industry recovers and he is once again employed, without having to worry about lawsuits and garnishments.

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