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Stop Creditor Actions

When you are struggling with debt, it easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. To make matters worse, creditors and bill collectors begin contacting you via email, phone and sometimes even showing up at your home or work. It compounds an already difficult situation and sends your stress level soaring. When your bankruptcy petition is filed, an "automatic stay" is issued and stops all creditor activity.

This stops creditors from contacting you and making attempts to collect on your debt, which will lower your stress level so you can put together a plan to address the debt. We know how to handle creditors and bill collectors and can put an end to the bombardment and threats. When you have the experienced bankruptcy attorneys from The Bankruptcy Center on your side, you have a professional that has a track record of pursing creditors who violate the "automatic stay".

What is an Automatic Stay?

When your bankruptcy petition is filed with the bankruptcy court, an "automatic stay" is created. This is done with every bankruptcy, regardless of the type of bankruptcy filed. The automatic stay is a court order that mandates all creditor activity to stop. This means any and all activity, including:

  • Foreclosure process
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Repossession
  • Contact with you in any form

This temporary halt of all activity is designed to give you room to breathe, regroup and work a plan with your bankruptcy attorney without the stress of creditor activity. Enjoy the calm! We're going to help you through this.

It's The Law!

There is no grey area on this. By law, every creditor listed on your bankruptcy petition MUST stop all attempts to collect money or contact you. If a creditor violates the automatic stay, the creditor can be held liable and sued for violation of the law. In fact, The Bankruptcy Center has led the way in Southern Illinois in pursuing creditors that violate the law. Our consumer protection efforts have resulted in some of our clients getting money from their creditors for violating the automatic stay! We've help client get judgments against creditors ranging from $500 to over $100,000.

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