Trustee Meeting
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Trustee Meeting for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There are several steps to filing and completing your bankruptcy. One of the steps provisioned by the United States Bankruptcy Code is the Trustee Meeting or what is commonly referred to as the "creditor meeting". You are required to attend this meeting in person, and is usually held at the federal building and conducted by the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee appointed to your case. At this meeting, your creditors have a right to ask you questions pertaining to your finances. However, most of the time creditors do not show up to this meeting.

The trustee will usually conduct a review of your case during this time, which covers your income, expenses, debts and other paperwork as part of your bankruptcy petition. There is no need for concern, this is part of the process to help you get back on track.

When Is the Trustee Meeting

The 341 Meeting will be scheduled and communicated well in advance so you can plan accordingly. The 341 meeting takes place anywhere from 21 days to no more than 40 days after your bankruptcy is filed. It is held at the federal building and conducted by the trustee assigned to your case, as mentioned above.

What Do I Need for the Trustee Meeting?

The trustee will conduct what is known as the Trustee Review and will likely ask you some questions for clarification. You should have a firm understanding of your income and expenses, so bringing the forms used as part of your bankruptcy petition may be helpful.

You are required to bring the following to the Trustee Meeting:

  • Government issued photo identification card
  • Proof of Social Security number (i.e. your Social Security card or a W-2)

Most people find this meeting to be anti-climactic when all is said and done. This is primarily a formality but an important step to moving your bankruptcy along the process.