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The Bankruptcy Center (TBC) is dedicated exclusively to assisting clients get a fresh financial start through bankruptcy. Each year, our bankruptcy lawyers represent more people filing bankruptcy in Southern Illinois than any other law firm. Why have all these people chosen TBC to advise and represent them?

Experienced Attorneys.
Since bankruptcy is all we do, all of our attorneys are familiar with the bankruptcy laws, the local legal rules and procedures, and the latest changes in case law and federal law. The firm's two Associate Attorneys have a combined 30 years of experience in bankruptcy law.

Spend forty-five minutes to an hour with an attorney, reviewing your financial situation and your goals, and learning about your legal options. TBC does not ask you to fill out lengthy questionnaires before or during your appointment – just come in to meet with the attorney, and we will let you know which documents you will need to bring in (tax returns, paystubs, etc.). We'll take care of the paperwork.

Reasonable, Flat Attorney’s Fees.
Because of the number of bankruptcies our firm files each year, we are able to charge our clients fees that are lower than those of many of our competitors. Equally important, we do not charge extra attorney’s fees for preparing standard additional paperwork that may be needed later on in the case.

Convenient Locations to Serve You.
With offices in Belleville, IL, and Granite City, IL, you can reach experienced bankruptcy lawyers within an easy drive of any city or town in Southern Illinois.  Don't wait until it may be too late to seek protection under the bankruptcy law. Schedule a FREE Consultation with one of our bankruptcy attorneys and learn how the bankruptcy law applies to your specific situation. Call TBC today at 618-236-7000 (Belleville, IL), 618-656-7941 (Granite City, IL).

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The Bankruptcy Center
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The Law Office of Ronald A. Buch is a debt relief agency, helping people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.