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About The Bankruptcy Center

The Bankruptcy Center is one of largest bankruptcy law firms in Southern Illinois. Our passionate representation of our clients began in 1992 with one goal in mind: to ensure our clients get the full protection the bankruptcy law affords for people struggling with debt. Our firm has filed over 45,000 bankruptcies in our 28+ years of business and have eliminated $600+ million in consumer debt.

The bankruptcy attorneys and staff at The Bankruptcy Center pride themselves on personal and prompt attention. We work diligently to help you release the burden of debt and the stress that accompanies that burden. Our firm is highly rated by our clients and our peers in the bankruptcy field.

We know the feeling of helplessness, anxiety, worry and stress you likely feel right now. Let us help you find a fresh financial start and get your life back on track. Bankruptcy law is the only type of law we practice. We know bankruptcy!

We offer a FREE Consultation with a bankruptcy attorney with no obligation. Sit down with an attorney and learn how the law can protect you. We take the time the learn about your specific situation, since every case is different, and advise you of all your options. Call our office today or schedule a free consultation online.


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Bankruptcy Attorney
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Jennifer Schweiger
Litigation Paralegal
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Meagon Bradley
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Mary Hicks
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Marge Barthel
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Michelle Hunter
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